Be part of the sport of kings where it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the front from the back of a horse or dog, just come down and have some fun.


The Punters Section has a variety of betting opportunities and events throughout the year for all the avid Punters in the Mangere Cosmopolitan Club.

Whilst we have our Alphabet and Weekly Betting, we also go out on various outings to races outside of Auckland such as the Te Rapa Races and both full and social members are able to attend these events.

People who are interested in joining the section can do so in February of 2018 and the fees for joining will be advised then. The annual membership for non-punters is $10.00.


Chairperson: Peter Clark
Secretary: Elise Cowley
Treasurer: Judith Daniels
Committee Members: Jazz Takau & Mike Cassidy

These are the people to contact for further information about the section.


Section members will pay $5.00 a week which goes into a pool. It is split between two teams, one named ‘Pharlap’ and the other named ‘Black Caviar’. One member from each team gets to spend an amount of money on horses, or any sports games for the section. All of the bets must be put on before the end of the week (every Friday) and placed into an envelope with their name on it before the start of the races or games that have been chosen, and placed into the Punters Mail Box. If the member collects over twice the amount that they placed on the bets, they get 20% of the winnings to bet with again.


An Alphabet Game is played over the span of 15 weeks and happens twice a year. $20.00 per person is paid up front with 25 people being able to enter. There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes paid out at the end of those 15 weeks.

All players have a letter drawn out every Friday and that letter is put beside their name. On race day, the 1st letter of the winning horse gives the player with that letter 1 point, and there could be up to 10 races at that meeting so one player has the opportunity to end up with multiple points. This game is always played on the main Northern Race Meeting on Saturdays only. If two horses dead heat, 1 point will be given to the players with the first letter beside their name. If a race meeting is deemed abandoned or has no more than 5 races having run, no points will be awarded that day.

The payouts are done at the end of the 15 weeks and each of the first three placings receive a monetary prize. 1st place, i.e. the person with the most points will receive $300, 2nd place will receive $150, and 3rd place will receive 50. In the case of a tie, the money will be shared.